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Mastered CD Prices

To purchase CD mastering, please select the corresponding number of tracks you wish to master, then click the "Buy" button to proceed to pay through PayPal.

Number of tracks For Mastering £ Per Track Total Buy
1 £35.00 £35.00 Buy Now With PayPal
2 £35.00 £70.00 Buy Now With PayPal
3 £35.00 £105.00 Buy Now With PayPal
4 £35.00 £140.00 Buy Now With PayPal
5 £35.00 £175.00 Buy Now With PayPal
6 £35.00 £210.00 Buy Now With PayPal
7 £35.00 £245.00 Buy Now With PayPal
8 £35.00 £280.00 Buy Now With PayPal
9 £35.00 £315.00 Buy Now With PayPal
10 £35.00 £350.00 Buy Now With PayPal

Quoted Payments

If you have recieved a quote and wish to pay it off, please enter your name and the amount to pay below:


Please include your contact details, including phone number in the payment comments so we can give you a call to arrange delivery of the files that need to be mastered.

Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to "Michael Cruise" along with your CD, containing the tracks to be mastered.

YouSendit is an website that provides a solution for large file data transfer over the internet including files up to 2GB in size, for $5.99 and files up to 100mb for free!

Note: Only Broadcast WAV & CD Audio files accepted, no MP3 files as the quality is not good enough, any other files please Contact us for details.

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